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Singer and Voice Actor



From birth, her parents knew she would be a loud child. From her beginnings as an amateur child yeller to becoming an opera singer, she then progressed to professional voiceover actor (still yelling, especially in her passion, video games), Felicia has been using her voice as her means of survival and expression for her entire life.

Felicia has lent her voice to soundtracks, video games, original and independent animations, audio-books, AI, VR and AR experiences, commercials, explainer videos and more.


Felicia is a tri-lingual (Italian, English, German) and aspiring French speaker who will bring a friendly, fun and professional female presence to your animation, commercial or video game project.


News and Updates

Praise reviews for "Ether" - It’s two vignettes about the theme which led to the best part of the performance – that of Felicia Valenti’s Myssie who becomes our defacto guide through the place between life and death. Her scene has the most humour, the most melancholy, and for me was the most enjoyable part. - Mooney on Theatre
Catch Felicia in a movie theatre near you - she can be heard in Cineplexes new ad "Find Your Story"



Jason Thomas, Oscars Abrams Zimel

jason (at) oazinc (dot) com

Shoot me a message at
feliciavalentiVO (at) gmail (dot) com


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